Comprehensive Range of Periodontal Services in Houston

When it comes to the health of our mouths, most of us understand the importance of  taking care of our teeth, but what about our gums? Periodontal disease can really do a number on our oral health and once you have gum or periodontal disease, it can be difficult to treat. Without the right periodontist in Houston you can suffer the loss of your teeth, gums, and even jawbone.

That’s why  periodontist in Houston offers a comprehensive range of periodontal treatments and services to help patients with varying stages of gum disease.

What Are Periodontal Services and How Can They Help?

Periodontal services cover the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all things related to gum disease. Since this is a specialized field of dentistry, you’ll be sent to a periodontist if there are signs of gum disease.

For mild periodontal disease the periodontist may simply prescribe a special type of rinse and a good cleaning of the teeth and gums. As long as the gum disease is caught early there is usually little damage. Once the disease progresses to the more moderate stage, the periodontist may need to perform a deep cleaning procedure known as scaling and root planing to clean along the base of teeth and deep within gum pockets.

At the most advanced stages of gum disease you may be in danger of losing gum tissue and teeth. This is when the periodontist may recommend surgical treatment options to combat the plaque and bacteria that have built up around the gums and soft tissue grafting to restore lost gum tissue.

That is why regular visits to a periodontist near you are important, to avoid developing more severe periodontal disease.


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